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General Information

Entry Requirements: Passports are now required for International travel and entry into Chuuk requires presentation of a valid passport. U.S. Citizens may enter without restrictions. All citizens of other countries must have an onward or outbound ticket and are allowed an initial stay of 30 days unless they are coming to work with valid Work & Entry Permits.

The United States requires citizens of some countries to have a Visa or Transit Visa to pass through the United States and/or its Territories, which include Guam. If you are unsure about the requirements for you to travel through Guam because of your Nationality, check with your Embassy.

Check your passport before traveling. Many countries, to include the United States and Guam, require that you have a minimum of 6 months validity remaining on your passport before they will allow you entry. Don't let the expiration date of your passport cancel your vacation.

Currency & Banking: The U.S. dollar is the official and only currency used in Chuuk. Foreign currency exchange and ATM's are not available here. The Bank of Guam and Bank of the Federated States of Micronesia are our only two commercial banks. The Truk Stop accepts Travelers Checks plus MasterCard, Visa, and American Express but not all businesses do so check before coming if you plan to use credit cards.

Electricity: Chuuk provides 110 volt/60 cycle electricity with the U.S. type flat 2-pin plug or 3-pin (two flat pins and a rounded ground pin). 220V electricity is available in the dive shop for battery charging purposes.

Communications: International direct dialing is available with the use of an FSM Prepaid Calling Card. Mobil or Cell phone service (GSM 900) is available in Chuuk but only with an FSM SIM Card purchased (or rented) locally. The area code for Chuuk is 691. If you are calling Chuuk from the U.S. , you would dial 011 + area code + number. To call Chuuk from outside the U.S. , dial 0111 + area code + number.

Free Wireless Broadband Internet access is available in our restaurant and on the patio for those guests with their own laptop. Wireless internet is available in the rooms for those with their own computer and with the purchase of an FSM Phone Card.

Language: The local language is Chuukese but English is widely spoken and common in the major hotels and stores.

Postal System: Chuuk is served by the U.S. Postal Service and U.S. postal rates apply for mail sent between the United States and Chuuk. However, postage stamps for outgoing mail must be purchased locally and are stamps from the Federated States of Micronesia. It is always a good idea to send a postcard home with an FSM Stamp on it.

The Chuuk postal, or zip code, is 96942 and the two-letter postal code is FM. An example of the mailing format would be as follows;

Name of Person 
C/O Your Hotel (if applicable) 
P.O. Box Number 
Chuuk State, FM 96942

If you are sending items or a package to a person or hotel ahead of your visit let them know when the package was mailed and provide an invoice for the contents. Incoming packages are usually opened by Customs and a small (4%) duty may be attached. The Truk Stop Hotel accommodates this type of request.

Health and Medical: The Chuuk State Government Hospital is adequate to take care of normal, routine medical needs. There is also a private clinic next door to the Truk Stop hotel that includes a pharmacy and is convenient for guests needs.

If you are taking or occasionally use a specific medication you should bring enough to last the period of your time in Chuuk. If you wear eyeglasses it is a good idea to bring a spare or second pair with you.

Local Time: Chuuk is in the Chamorro Time Zone, which is Greenwich Mean Time + 10 and the same time as Guam.

What to Bring: Keep in mind Chuuk is just 7 degrees north of the equator and a warm, tropical climate. Normal attire is tee-shirt, shorts, and a pair of sandals. If you want to dress up, a polo or aloha shirt with casual slacks will do for the men and blouse with a skirt for the women. A traditional and colorful Chuukese shirt can be easily purchased and is appropriate dress locally for any occasion. Other items you should bring with you include the following:

  • Scuba Certification Card if you plan to dive.

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • A light rain jacket

  • Camera

Climate: Chuuk is located at 7 degrees North and 149 degrees East and averages about 81F or 28C year round. Water temperature is warm and consistently between 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Departure Fee: Chuuk State has a departure fee of $20.00 which must be paid by all out bound passengers at the airport before departure.